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Why HDFC Life Cardiac Care?

A Non Linked Non Participating Health Insurance Plan to protect you financially from an extensive list of heart ailments

  • Get fixed lump sum payout irrespective of the actual expenses incurred for diagnosis/procedure.

  • Make Multiple Claims for same or different conditions or procedures.1

  • Indexation benefit to stay ahead of medical inflation.

  • Tax benefits as per prevailing tax laws2.

1. Claims of same or different conditions / procedures can be covered subject to the exhaustion of applicable Sum Insured.

2. Tax Benefits are subject to change as per Income Tax Act, 1961. Please check with your financial advisor for more details.

1. Claims of same or different conditions / procedures can be covered subject to the exhaustion of applicable Sum Insured.

2. Tax Benefits are subject to change as per Income Tax Act, 1961. Please check with your financial advisor for more details.

Multiple Benefits. Same Plan

HDFC Life Cardiac Care Plan covers hospital expenses and beyond

Choose any one or a mix of benefits based on your requirement

  • Base Benefit
  • Hospitalisation Benefit
  • Indexation Benefit
  • Income Benefit

Base Benefit

Check Eligibility Criteria

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Eligibility Criteria

Minimum Entry Age (Last birthday)

18 Years

Maximum Entry Age (Last birthday)

65 years

Minimum Maturity Age (Last birthday)

23 years

Maximum Maturity Age (Last birthday)

Single Pay: 70 years, Regular Pay: 75 years

Policy Term

Single Pay: Only 5 years, Regular Pay : 5 to 40 years

Premium Payment Frequency

Single Pay, Regular Pay (Equal to the Policy Term)

Premium Payment Mode

Single Premium, Annual, Half-yearly, Quarterly and Monthly

Sum Insured (At policy inception)1

Minimum ₹ 2,00,000

Maximum ₹ 50,00,000


Minimum Regular Pay ₹ 357.40

Single Pay ₹ 1313.20

Maximum Regular Pay ₹ 6,55,860

Single Pay ₹ 14,43,435

1. The Maximum Sum Insured may increase subject to the Indexation Benefit 

2. The premium amount is exclusive of Taxes and other levies and underwriting extra premium, if any.

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All your questions answered

We’ll tell you everything you need to know about HDFC Life Cardiac Care

1 What is the HDFC Life Cardiac Care Policy?

HDFC Life brings to you HDFC Life Cardiac Care, a comprehensive cardiac care plan that provides financial protection for 18 cardiac conditions of three degrees of severity – mild, moderate and high. In addition, the plan also offers unique features like:

  • Waiver of premium for outstanding term in case of claim for a mild/moderate severity condition

  • Option to choose hospitalization benefit which provides lump sum benefit in case of hospitalization

  • Multiple claims for the same or different condition subject to exhaustion of applicable sum assured

2 Why do I need the HDFC Life Cardiac Care Policy?

Cardiac ailments are on the rise and can affect anyone, anytime. In addition to the lengthy course of treatment, cardiac ailments can also impact one’s finances. In order to ensure that you protect not only yourself, but also your family, HDFC Life brings to you HDFC Life Cardiac Care; a specialized plan that aims at taking care of any cardiac related financial emergencies and ensure that instead of worrying about your family or finances, you can concentrate on getting better.

3 What are the different plan options available for this product?

Cardiac Care is a fixed benefit plan that offers a Base Benefit under which you receive lump sum benefit for any of the covered conditions. The benefit amount payable varies depending on the severity of the condition. In addition the plan offers the following optional benefits:

  • Hospitalization Benefit – lump sum benefit payable in case of hospitalization due to covered condition

  • Indexation Benefit – 10% increase in sum assured for every claim free year after first policy year

  • Income Benefit – 1% of sum assured paid as monthly income for 5 years in case of claim for condition of high severity.

The customer may opt for a single option or multiple options in any possible combination under this plan. The optional benefits need to be selected at inception of the policy. All benefits payable under the optional benefits are over and above the base benefit and will not impact the base sum assured.

5 What is the benefit payable under each category/severity?

The following benefit is payable for claim under the following category:

  • High Category – 100% of Sum Insured

  • Moderate Category – 50% of Sum Insured

  • Mild Category – 25% of Sum Insured

The benefit will be payable till exhaustion of the applicable sum insured under the policy.

6 How long does the indexation benefit continue?

Indexation benefit continues till the original increased sum assured reaches 200% of original sum assured or claim occurs whichever is earlier.

7 Are the benefits for ICU & Non-ICU rooms under hospitalization benefit independent ?

Yes. The ICU & Non-ICU benefits payable under the hospitalization benefit are independent of each other and will be subject to their respective limits. In case limit for one room type is exhausted, the limit under the second room type will continue. e.g. If the benefit for ICU benefit is exhausted, the benefit for Non ICU room will continue.

8 What is the Waiting Period & Survival Period applicable for Cardiac Care ?

Waiting Period

On inception:

A waiting period of 180 days shall apply from the date of risk commencement.

On revival:

  1. If the policy is revived within 60 days of premium due date, only the remaining part of waiting period, if any will apply.
  2. If the policy is revived after 60 days of premium due date, full 180 days waiting period will apply afresh

Survival Period

A survival period of 30 days from the date of occurrence of covered condition is applicable for this plan.

10 Is there any death benefit for this plan?

HDFC Life Cardiac Care plan aims to aid the expenses incurred due to any cardiac condition/procedure. Hence its benefits are linked to diagnosis and treatment of disease and no death benefit is payable. 

11 Is there any maturity benefit for this plan?

No, there is no maturity benefit available under this plan.

12 Is there any Surrender benefit for this plan ?

Surrender Benefit is payable only in case of single pay option under this plan. In case of surrender, the surrender value payable will be

60% x (Single Premium – U/W cost) x (1 – M/P)


UW cost: Rs. 2,750 for medically underwritten life

M: policy month of surrender

P: policy term in months

13 Is there any tax benefit available for this plan?

Tax Benefits under Section 80D of Income Tax Act, 1961 are applicable for premiums paid towards this plan.

Please note tax benefits are subject to change in tax laws.


  1. Premiums for outstanding term waived off after first claim of moderate/mild severity.
  2. Lumpsum payout incase of hospitalization due to any of the covered conditions up to 30 days and 15 days of Non-ICU and ICU hospitalization respectively. This benefit needs to be opted for at inception and is available at an additional premium.


ARN: EU/07/21/24444